Forum Announcement: Forum Rules
09-15-2011, 04:11 PM
Forum Rules
Most rules on the forum are more or less common sense, so we shouldn't have to post this at all. However, by being part of this community, you are agreeing to abide by the following rules:

I'd like to let everyone know we hold the right to delete any comment or post we find that breaks these rules, we can and will do this without warning, and you will be pm'd the reason why if the staff members sees it necessary.

Note also that the interpretation of the rules is up to those that enforce them, if a mod or admin contacts you do NOT reply being cheeky and trying to argue a case, if you do feel that you've truly been treated unfairly you can calmly reply explaining why you feel this or ask another mod or admin, but we are all in contact and it's often ran by another anyway. We strive for fairness.

1. Respect Everyone's Views And Thoughts.
You can always have a bit of banter with other members as long as it doesn't get too aggressive or offensive. You can to disagree and put your point across, but do not discourage others from their views or thoughts.

2. Do Not Use Profanity At An Excessive Rate
This is not to say you can't use profanity in a small and minor way but if moderators and/or Admins decide that your profanity is to excessive you will be dealt with accordingly. On this note, do not use this to insult or offend anyone.

2.5. Your Username
The nature of this game implies that there will be a varying amount of ages playing this game, from kids to teens to adults and beyond, we must remind you to pick a suitable username as everyone will see it when you post. If a moderator sees it necessary for your name to be changed, they will message you telling you this; if you don't reply, one will be chosen for you. Restrictions on potential usernames include, but are not limited to: names that contain offensive content, names that contain slanderous content, names that contain curse/cuss words, names that may otherwise insult, offend, belittle, or otherwise harm others, and names that seem to be that of a troll.

3. Do Not Advertise Websites Or Have Links That Go Through AdFly
Links that you can put up can either be for re textures of the game, videos that are about the game or sub-forum you are in. Videos to NSFW (Not Safe For Work) sites should be clearly marked, this does not mean you can post up pornographic websites as your account will be banned and your IP will be blocked from the forums. As for AdFly and other similar things, when you share stuff, you should do it because you want us to find out about it, not to increase sales of something, get a bit of money through AdFly, or get referrals.

3A Be careful how you share things with us.
Sharing a cool game you found is completely fine, and the same goes for anything else you'd like us to know about. However, make sure you share it as a friendly recommendation to check it out, not a salesman's advertisement to buy it. If a mod feels you sound a bit too much like a salesman you'll be asked to reword your post. If you don't, it will be deleted.

3B Do not link to ANY torrent sites.
Do not link through any torrent sites, doing so will be a perma ban, the reason for this is the website can be shut down and sued for content from torrent sites, supplying the links to such things is ILLEGAL. Don't even utter the word torrents. You have been warned.

4. Avatars and signatures need to be of a reasonable size. Abuse of any of these privileges will result in revocation of them.
  • The maximum dimensions for avatars are: 128x128 pixels.
  • The maximum file size for avatars is 10 KB.
  • The maximum TOTAL dimensions for signatures are: 794x154 pixels.
5. No racism, discrimination, threats or personal attacks of any kind are permitted.
This is a friendly community and as such you are expected to be courteous and follow general posting etiquette. There are times when you may not agree with someone,or you've had a bad day and that's fine, we all have those days. But please, for your own benefit, leave your problems off of here. Doing so will ensure that the Lords of Uberdark Community is a welcoming, friendly one.

6. No spamming is permitted, whatsoever.
Spam is posting any content that is not within the topic of discussion, or does not contribute anything to the forums - off topic OR on topic. The definition of spam used by this community is determined by the Administration and is not open to discussion. Some other things to consider: Before creating a thread, check if a similar thread already exists. Do not create multiple threads pertaining to the same thing. Don't double post or bump threads. ALL posts should contain legitimate input to the topic at hand.

A Couple of Additional Notes:
  • Please try to use proper spelling and grammar
  • Please try to post topics in their appropriate area of the forum
  • Please keep topic names relevant to their content
  • When posting content from other people, give credit where credit is due

Topics Not To Be Discussed:
  • XBOX360 Vs PS3 Vs Wii Vs PC
  • Religion
  • Racism
  • Sexuality
  • Cliques (Emos, Chavs, Goths) You get the idea.

Failure to adhere to any of these rules can result in a Warning, Probation, Account Suspension, or Permanent Banning. The level of consequence will depend on the type and magnitude of rule breaking.
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