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Full Version: Re-Birthing The Dragon
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[Image: 185428_2116134755081_1597091325_32108923_5126941_n.jpg]

The super awesome dragon I made in Aplha.34 Big Grin
Still think this is cool. Tongue
Hoho, so nice.
This is pretty sweet man!!

though maybe you should cover the "fire" from its mouth with firepots -- right now it looks kinda like a projectile vomit dragon Wink Tongue
Dude this was in .34 lol. Not an option XD
Haha oh yeah,then projectile vomit it shall remain. My bad XD
I say remake it, but even better. :o
(09-16-2011 09:40 PM)iAreNubcake Wrote: [ -> ]I say remake it, but even better. :o

I concur, kind sir!
You should remake it completely out of sheer awesomeness.
Agreed restart it.
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