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Full Version: Song of the Day
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Discover a new song? Get one stuck in your head?
Post it here so we can all hear it!

My SotD: El Sonidito, a.k.a. "the GTA V beep song"
Destiny Potato - "Love Song"

New SotD: The Caesars - "Jerk it Out"
New SotD: M4SONIC - Stereosonic Mashup
New Sotd: Sweet Dreams (are made of this)

New SotD: Do it Again (by The Chemical Brothers)

Seriously, Google it. If there were ever a song for a schizophrenic having just shot someone, this'd be it.
And I nominate this cover of "Toxic" by Britney Spears for COVER of the day. I don't care all that much for the original song, but this cover is quite nice...

I've been listening to a lot of songs over at nicovideo recently, and this song has been stuck on my brainz for the last week:

New SotD: SeXiSM (Far Too Loud Remix)
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