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Full Version: XP x64 terrain loading
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Just an FYI, as when I tried to benchmark the two latest builds, they were only stable for five seconds after terrain generation before giving a "must be closed" pop-up.

The log file listed some texture files it was unable to write, presumable being denied access after windows decided to terminate it. (I could still play behind the pop-up, but was unable to move past the fully loaded textures on the ground.)

P.S. Installing Win7 x64 today: will see if it's just xp, or x64 in general.
(Or maybe my specific hardware Tongue)
Well it's not x64, since most people I've seen play it run Win7 x64 or win8 x64. I would sa I don't think it's XP either, since I recall someone saying they used that, but I'm not sure...

What hardware?
Hardware? Anyone's guess. Compatibility isn't thoroughly tested yet.
As for testing Win7 x64, lost my disc. It may take a day or two to find it! Smile

EDIT: It's an AMD gfx card in my rig, so it may be that bug we discussed performance-wise in another thread.
I suppose it could be that bug, but that was just an issue with slow performance on AMD cards, not really a full blown crash. I dunno, though. Hard to say without more info.
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