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Full Version: Problem with Uberdark. Please help!
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I'm new in the forum, but I know Uberdark for a long time.
Finally I decided to buy it. I remmember very early versions of it. Now, when I bought The latest Alpha 0.50 I don't recognize it - Always in window mode and everything looks like in paint mode. Do I don't know something or what? Where is that beautyfull cartoon graphic? Also when I pressing tab there is paint-like colors. Can't see tools and cannot do anything except of colouring terrain. I have two exe'cs files: Uberdark-Display-List and Uberdark-Vertex-buffer.This version is stand alone or I must do something with it? I will be grateful for help.

Kind regards,

Yeah, the engine was redone and with it the graphics style changed pretty dramatically. i was under the impression that Aaron would make an effort to stress that to people buying the way now, but it seems that's not the case... I can contact Aaron about this if you'd like to change your mind about the purchase.

As for the multiple exes, they're using different methods of rendering the game because there are issues with the original way he was rendering it on some graphics cards. This is supposed to eventually become a single exe, but that's on the list of "things that will be added later".
Thank You!

I already send a message to Aaron. Thanks for explanation!
I wish to Developers a good progres with Uberdark!
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