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Full Version: Presenting: The Wonderful Musical Stylings of Brennan Anderson
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As most of you already know, our member Mantalayer (Brennan Anderson) is to make the music for Lords of Uberdark, and he is currently creating fantastic pieces, which will be linked here, for your listening pleasure, so without further ado, I present Brennan:
Thank you Sabotage.

I will be posting links here upon completion so you can find them easily and not have to look through other posts or Kickstarter updates. So, may I give you the Lords of Uberdark OST:

Main Theme
Overlands - Day
Overlands - Night

Note that once the final game is released and all of the music is completed, I will release the complete soundtrack as a zip file. Free of charge.
Nice music im in love with that RPG-ish sound keep up the good work Big Grin
Brilliant work! Love the contrast between the Night Overlands and Day Overlands. Can't wait to hear more!

Also, a future 'Thank you' for the future release of the soundtrack. Big Grin
Yes the music is really nice to listen to. ^.^
We have to make a special title/position for you instead of a regular member! O.O
I'll ask Aaron what he should be called, then I'll get Thomas to throw it together. :3
Thank you for all the wonderful comments. Smile From now on though, I'm probably not going to reply giving my thanks as much. Not that I don't appreciate it, but I don't want to clog the forums. So consider this my ongoing thanks for your support.
This music is really catchy. I can see how it would be fun building to it.
Thank You.

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Thanks man.
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