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Full Version: SuperModBanDorf
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[Image: superbandorf.jpg]

Made this, then resized to 100x100 for profile pic, forgot to save original ;_; Hence it being blurry in some places (as I resized the 100x100 one under the original and erased where the new bits are), I may redo due to this >_< If I can be bothered lol.

This amused me Tongue

Supermods can feel free to use this in sigs or anything Big Grin
(or Freds where they are expressing their justice Big Grin)
You forgot to make it a Pride Cape. Tongue
I'll maybe make an alternate one Tongue
Yeah, that's probably best, because I'm pretty sure not everyone is a gaymer. Tongue
Gaymers ftw Tongue

I'd love to see this used in a fred like "Thread closed (pic)" XD
Hehe, I dunno. Maybe just the Banhammer, though.... we'll see. We're probably going to try to make it all LoUd based though xD
[Image: bandorf.jpg]
[Image: Banhammerstripped.jpg]
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