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Full Version: Corrupt-a-wish
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(09-21-2011 12:19 AM)MintySweet Wrote: [ -> ]Granted. But the completed theme looks like crap.

I wish that I didn't have Math homeworks.

Granted, your maths homework is now science homework.

I wish for the ability to fly.
Granted, you crash every time.

I wish my other mail would come faster Undecided
Granted. You receive your mail... or rather teh ashes of it.

I wish for less Wal-mart >.<
Granted, you send the ecomnomic balance hurtling worse than ever, global rioting breaks out, many many deaths because of your selfish wish.

I wish for a tutorial on pixel art Dorf Zombi
Granted. You are tutored on how to make a pixel art penis.

I wish I could not go to work today and play LoL instead ._.
Granted; But the LoL servers go down shortly after and you spend the rest of the day hurtling into boredom and eventually die

I wish i could pass my course at college with the best possible grade i could ever get.
Granted, you do this by cheating, are discovered and disgraced leaving you worse off than ever.

I wish for a real life BanHammer Big Grin Banhammer

(as for the pixel art -ahem-, I could live with that Tongue)
Granted but the real life Ban Hammer seems to be a fake replica of the original.

I wish for Moderator powers with the benefit of a magenta name.
Granted but Aaron messes up and gives you a dark magenta name instead.
I wish i could say "baybay" without anyone saying im from Jersey (which i am btw Tongue)
Granted, they just beat you up when you say it.

I wish I wouldn't wake up at silly hours damp from sweat >_< (true story bro)

(Pikachu I'd be VERY happy with a replica, and Moderators are Orange, it's Super Mods that get Magenta Tongue Also why you not using the sig I made in this Fred bro? Tongue lol)
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