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Full Version: Corrupt-a-wish
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This game is simple enough... Whenever you post, you must first corrupt the previous post's wish, and then make a wish of your own.

Ex: (The previous wish is "I wish for cookies!")

---Granted. You revieve burnt cookies.
---I wish for a pet monkey.

And so on.


I wish for a pet monkey. :o
Granted - You received a stuffed pet monkey
I wish - To drive a tank
Granted. You fall out and are crushed by the treads.

I wish for more IP in LoL
Granted, your account then gets hacked.

I wish to also talk to Aaron Bishop Sad
Granted. He hates you and bans you :3

I wish for KITTEHS :3 :3 :3
Granted, they scrab your face off! D:

I wish for a better website.
Granted. You are banned from said website.

I wish I would remember to post my wish the first time around >.>
Granted. You now have permanent amnesia.
I wish i had Skyrim.
Granted. You receive an early copy of the game, but are not able to get the game when it comes out. It is extremely buggy and unplayable.

I wish for moar membarz on teh 4ums. ._.
Grated. They are all Amish.
I wish my leg didn't hurt.
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