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Hi Everybody,

Uberdark Alpha 0.51 is hot off the compiler -- if you have any problems running it, or just want to give some feedback, here's a good place to do it! One of the biggest things, you'll probably all notice is that there's no sound -- that will be put back in for the next alpha at the end of the month
I will have to admit, I am impressed. My faith in you has been restored Aaron. I am not trying to be rude or anything... but this is the first update in a long time I am excited to play.

EDIT: Was going to ask about the sound but you edited your post with information about it... wanted to make sure my machine wasnt having problems.

EDIT#2: I am sure this is a dumb question, but can controls be remapped and can mouse sensitivity be tweaked? I am constantly doing 360's while trying to turn left or right...
Well I haven't done much testing yet, but I can say that when picking a world, it randomly crashes.

Okay, did some testing. Holy shit Aaron, this is an amazing amount of progress. Why is sound disabled though? :o

Edit: Also, I fully agree that at least some mouse stuff should be mappable. Inverting mouse and sensitivity at least. Controls are important too, but not quite as much imo.
I've a crash when I Start Game then after some seconds, I press Esc then i click on Pick World.
Yeah, crashing on "Pick World" seems to be a problem for several people. Definitely needs to be addressed. Tongue
[Image: ubCHcyt.jpg]
Here's my fortress, durdur. Your turn.
I'm getting a solid 30 fps most of the time unless I go crazy with a ton of blocks like in the screenshot. I haven't experienced any crashes so far. It's surprisingly fun.
Damn it IS fun. Beside the fact that building system is a tiiiiny bit rought on the edges (everything I build right now looks like work of drunken irish fisherman) but that hole, that goddam hole is sooo sexy. It is so organic and even textures are cool with that bits of moss. I must say, digging is much more fun than in minecraft itself!

And I must say you had solved that vertigo issue pretty good. Changing angle of the tools with the angle of camera is so basic but so clever!

All I would wish to see would be some blocks to connect into one big "blob", or in other words into continous triangle surface. Stone is good with its rought look but dirt, and mostly dirt on the surface would go well with but more of that smooth look. Maybe some construction materials would go with the same effect? Like block would stay solid and alone but brick would try to fit with each other to fill smaller holes? Or we could have some tool to smooth that surface.

Overall, mr. Aaron... this looks awsome! I have seen many paths and options you have tried but this one works soo smooth on my potato. I could ask tons of questions and make bazillion suggestions but I will make just 2:

In what direction will this game go now and could you change these coulds for solid white?? These looks sad and grey-ish now Sad

But oh my god I had so much fun with digging a simple hole and trying to lay it with stairsBig Grin
I'm pretty excited for how things are going so far. I'll work on a video this week bring everyone up to speed and see if taht can get the game a bit more attention Tongue I'll gloss over the versions between the last version that was truly playable and this one so people see how far things have come.

Overall, I think I speak for everyone when I say you've done a fantastic job, Aaron. ^-^b
Neat! Could use the ability to place blocks against blocks, but otherwise that's pretty cool.

The terrain being what it is looks very natural and organic, but makes it somewhat harder to mine holes, as you don't necessarily know what it is you're colliding with that's stopping you from descending into the small pit you've made. This could be fixed with a smaller collision box maybe, or just eventually getting a pickaxe that mines the objects more than one chunk at a time, to expediate the digging process.

Really neat release though, keep it up!
This is awesome! Great progress, Aaron! It's awesome.

Building is clunky, but I'm sure it'll be improved as time goes on.
Also, like Ben said, mining is harder since you don't know what you're colliding with.

Also: what's with ctrl? It makes a ghost fortress follow my player but I can't place it.
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