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Full Version: Uberdark Alpha 0.52 Comments
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Hi everyone! The new version of Uberdark is now available, so please give it a try and post your comments here -- the changes are...
  • CTRL-V magma
  • Build multiplier
  • Bomb spear
  • More block rotation (Z & C keys)
  • Balance up/down plopping
  • Put sound & music back in
  • Mouse sensitivity and inversion
  • Added Clay Pipe model
  • Added Stone Hatchet
  • Added Drafting Table
  • Fixed Pick World crash
  • Fixed sway being too synchronized
  • Fixed floating stones (barley converted to stone)
  • Fixed in-hand weapons disappearing (due to onscreen check)
  • Fixed dropping item directly from build menu

My lead programmer put a lot of work into this one, as you can see...
I have been having a really fun time using bombs to dig really deep tunnels.. however... I dont think using bombs drops resources? I assume they get destroyed similar to using tnt in minecraft?
Correct, for the time being -- it's on my list to make explosions drop collectable particles, it's just a matter of combining them, so there aren't 1200 each time
Dang, your dog is a good developer. So you just do the art then? Tongue
Won't be able to sit down and play this until the 5th, but I'm looking forward to it!
Your lead programmer needs to step up his game. Look at him sleeping on the job!
What this version lacks, is it doesn't have any addictive elements.
Building is slow, digging is slow, mining is pain, you cant store items
and you lost your sense of direction too easy.

You can't feel any enjoyable progress playing it. So beta plays did get quite sort with me.

Still, things that i liked in this version:
-Block handling (free rotate to give better and more personal looks for building)
-Two hand system (Would be more awesome if could hit with to pickaxes at sametime Wink )
-Shield (Not balanced at all, but its fun in battles)
-Dorf (he fights with you, helps a big deal and you dont feel so alone)
-Bomb blast (How some blocks loosens and jumps and roll to new positions, awesome!)
-Ctrl-V (Like and disliking, as you can't focus it anywhere)

Things i miss from earlier versions now (43 version example):
-Organic building system (fast and intuitive land shaping, although sometimes little tricky)
-Day night cycle (changing athmosphere and music)
-Natural enemy spawn

I think originally the most enjoyable thing was artistic landscape shaping, that bring me to this game.

So even if you didin't have much of a real playability,
you did entertain yourself enought to keep going Smile

Maeby the blueprints (Ctrl-V for now) will give as the pleasure of destroying buildings in future versions to keep as going Wink
Destroy same building again, again and again Cool
Keep up the work guys! I don't post much but i've watched Uberdark build up for a few years now and i would love to start playing it a lot more!

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