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Full Version: Progress-O-Meter Alpha 0.53
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Well, it's time to get started work on the next version, so here's a little thread for keeping track of the progress. Will post every morning by 830 AM with what I'm working on -- please give me hell if I miss it! Also, like last time, will give it 2 weeks then put out a new version -- so June 14th.

Anyway, the first thing I'm working on with this version is to loosen the terrain packing. Have noticed that swamps are now all screwed up too...
With the terrain packing changing, any change we'll see other changes to digging/mining?
Im not sure if I missed it or not... but can you snap to grid while building?
I have had a lot of fun with making cylindrical towers using copy paste and using the bomb spear to tunnel. also got to round 15 by hiding and letting the npcs do my dirty work
The snap isn't back in yet, since it would just have to be ripped out again with the packing changes. Aaron, what mining/digging changes do you have in mind?
Mostly the changes I suggested beforehand - having pickaxes (and shovels) dig in a small radius (just a few clumps) to speed things up just a tad. Pickaxes = good for stone/metal, shovels = good for dirt/sand/etc. Swinging normally on the specified materials (pick for stone, shovels for dirt) would dig in a small radius, but you could hold a key (Shift/ctrl?) to dig out single pieces.
I feel like a noob for asking, but is there a way to change the placement radius or whatever you would call it. I sometimes wish to place a block almost directly under me. although I am sure with snap to grid I wouldnt have this problem.
Up and working since 4 today. There is currently no way to change the plop radius (that's the technical term) -- will try to add some of the snapping stuff for this time around. The bomb spear does radius-style digging, but not sure that will be necessary once the packing is changed
I know the bomb spear does that kind of thing, but cmon, it's a bomb spear. Hardly a standard digging tool xD

But yeah, I'll have to check out the new packing and see if it's an issue after it changes.
Up and working at 4 today -- still working on packing, but have improved clouds and lighting in the meantime. The attached image shows what it looked like in 51 on the right, and now in 52 on the left. And yeah, the bomb spear is pretty hacky -- was more of a last minute, utilitarian type of thing...
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