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Full Version: Pokémon Go + Neurology
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With Pokémon: GO being announced just the other day, this could have some profound effects on the travel industry.

For those who haven't heard, Pokémon: GO is a 2016 release AR game for Android/iOS. The trailer overhyped it a bit, namely because it's not even an AR game as advertised. The game basically just uses Google Maps/GPS to generate Pokémon based on location, and displays a set image to match the geography. It advertises 3d pokemon over a picture/video from your phone's camera, but is sadly much more mundane. (Optional PokéWatch to find Pokémon/other trainers)

Anyways, with how big Pokémon is, how much do you think this will affect tourism/traveling?

Battling other people might be an incentive to travel to big cities, not to mention location-exclusive Pokémon, and special events like battling Mewtwo in Times Square.
It doesn't apply that much to me, as I don't have a lot of time/money to travel a lot, but I think the concept is really cool.
I'm not sure how it'll effect tourism. I feel like they could create revolutions with the game. Just tell everyone to go to North Korea and overthrow the country with pokémon...
North Korea being overthrown by Pokemon fans is a hilarious notion. Tongue

In all seriousness, while I feel like there will be some events with it (like Mewtwo in Time Square as you mentioned), I don't think they'll make most of them like that, even legendary Pokemon. In the normal game you can get most Pokemon without doing anything too crazy, and only a few Pokemon are event Pokemon. While they could of course work with airlines and such to get money for the game if they do big events like that, I don't see it being very common, even by comparison to normal events.

That being said, I DO see them doing events where specific locations will have special Pokemon occasionally. Nearly forcing people to fly to NYC for a Mewtwo is a bit insane, but having them go to their local game store or comic shop? That's pretty reasonable. Depending on how realistic they want to be with Pokemon being in their natural habitats, I feel like it's going to put people outside in nature more than they would otherwise be, but I think it'd be a mistake to push too much travel on the players (even the hardcore ones).
I believe they mentioned pokémon being biome specific. Some pokémon will only be found in forests. Some only in mountainous areas. I wouldn't be too surprised if they would have people travel to find rare pokémon, though they will most likely make common pokémon accessible anywhere without having to travel too far.

I am almost certain there isn't going to be location-specific events, such as Mewtwo in Time Square, because people who lived in other countries that USA, would have a lot of issue trying to get there. I could imagine an event where it's just a big city in your country, but not a Time Square exclusive event.

On the other hand I could imagine that popular tourist attractions could have specific pokémon attached to them--different from the Times Square thing, in that it isn't an event--so that when going on vacation you could get a pokémon sort of like a souvenir.
Even with biome-specific spawn chances, there's still at least a hundred of each type, so variety still won't be an issue.

We're not playing Red/Blue here; we've got several generations available.
(Red/Blue, Silver/Gold, Ruby/Sapphire, Diamond/Pearl, White/Black 1&2, X/Y)
...and that's ignoring coliseum and XD.

Fingers crossed for shadow pokemon/shinies.
You know someone is going to find a shiny on day 1 and everyone across the world will unanimously be jealous.
They could do something like a smooth transition, where shinies and legenadries are gradually introduced, and their appearance rates going from nothing to normal over the course of a couple of weeks... that could work, right?
It could happen.
I'm just looking forward to being in somewhere public and getting into a random trainer battle. They did mention that the base game was going to be free with in-app purchases. Here's to hoping they aren't even remotely necessary.
Inb4 "Masterballs only $5!"

In all seriousness, though, it'll be nice to have a game that really drives a sense of community. LANs are cool, gaming events are cool, but they require more deliberate actions. If you can just walk around and get into a battle, that'd be interesting.

I dunno, I haven't looked into it too very much, so I'm not super well-versed on their plans. I'm kind of just wanting to stay blind and hope for the best for when it's released. We'll see what happens, though.
Worst case scenario:

The game is disappointing, and we wait for VR to reach the point of the trailer being what the game actually looks like.
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