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Full Version: [NEW]Subsurface
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From the creators of SCP: Containment Breach (Undertow) comes a new title.


Imagine a 2D submarine of your own design with a crew (AI or friends) managing the reactor output/temp, loading/firing railguns, fending off monsters, and plugging hull breaches before you drown. Also included is a wiring system you can change on-the-fly.

The game is currently very early in developement, but 99% playable. (Currently, singleplayer crew AI is nonexistent, though the player can still switch between crew members, or play online.

Tip: Damaged engine gives off radiation, so disconnect it before attempting to repair it or the hull walls. Also, combine items by placing them on top of each other. (i.e. put oxygen tank picture on oxy-mask picture {not space above it} to refill it)
I'll check this out later I think. Sounds neat.

Two new ships for it, because it only comes with one.
To make your own, hit F3 and type "edit."
Savemap TITLE
Loadmap TITLE.gz

P.S. 3rd post is mine. Ignore the alpha ship on top.
It's a "mushroom."
Somehow I didn't get why the "mushroom" would be so special... then when I got it I was like: ((((;゜Д゜)))
(10-15-2015 09:17 AM)Weridoguy Wrote: [ -> ]Somehow I didn't get why the "mushroom" would be so special... then when I got it I was like: ((((;゜Д゜)))

It works, although the increase in surface area makes it easier to damage.

To be clear:
TheSpud is a compact ship (1-3), whereas the Avalon is meant for a crew of 2-5.
Also, the Avalon's reactor has a tendancy to explode if you run all of the water pumps full-tilt.

If we were in the same timezones, I'd suggest attempting multiplayer.
EDIT: I also used it to demo LoiLo video recording software. Updated OP.
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