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It's been fun, but there's been 0 posts in the past month, and no new members for a few more. This forum has run its course, with only a small possibility of it coming back.

If/when this game comes back to life, we'll all look back on this and laugh.

Until then...
...take care...
...and goodbye.

--Durdur, Destroyer of Ad-bots
... </3
rip forum and uberdark.
So yeah, Aaron hasn't signed in since 10/27/2015.
Feels like forever since I've even touched this game.
yeeeaah, it is playable-ish as I managed to make something cool-ish but it is really, really hard and borderline with doing chores.

But to tell the truth, what I build in THIS game makes me much more content than what I can build in minecraft and all of its clones... it's that fucking grid, whatever you do it will be block-stacking.

In Uberdark I can sculpt, I can be free... well, until dropping FPS and clunky mechanics start throwing sand in my eyes.

I can wait for this game to be finished, even if it will be years in the future but yeah, it surely hurts, watching great things die slowly.
I guess the forum isn't totally dead.
Even if I'm the only regular viewer/poster, I can still
...well, shit; I don't know.

Party time?

EDIT: I'm considering raiding Aaron's FTP server, and seeing if continued developement is viable.
Note: Not stealing the game, just lookin' at source code (if it isn't all saved locally) hypothetically.
I'm still lurking, I check the forum a couple of times a week.
I'm lurking, and checking the forums pretty much every other day. I'm up for partying.
So, I checked out Aaron's ftp server, and he (apparently) put in a password to view the folders sometime recently. (There was total access back around v42) It's still possible to download things directly, but only if you know the entire path and filename.

I guess this means I can't peek at his code.
Not that I should do that, anyways.
lol, this is some serious stalking going on there hehehe.

You really do miss that game, don't ya? Not surprising, I do too. Such gem.
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