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Full Version: The Last Post Wins! V3
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Is there anybody out there?
Anyone at all?
Does anybody else care?
Our forum's getting dull!
I will win.
You shall not, for I claim the title.
P.S. Any good with batch scripts? I'm looking for testers for a game almost entirely inside of cmd.
function.isForumDead ()

Moving this Saturday. This ought to be fun.
I always get physically ill when away from home.
I can't imagine I'll feel well moving across the country.
You don't feel well away from home? I always thought it felt really good and liberating being away from homećƒ¼but then, I guess moving isn't quite the same as going on a vacation.

Might take you some while to see this, considering you've most likely already left, but good luck!
Welp, the same day I got here, I ended up in the hospital. Burrito I had last weekend evidently caused some havoc on the way through.

Doctor basically told me "You're not dying. Just eat bland foods (no meat or cheese) for a week and you should be fine."

So yeah, I get severely ill when I travel.
Other than my appendix, I've never really gotten sick at all. At most, I maybe get so sick I need to stay at home, maybe one day a year. Also, no meat or cheese for an entire week? That must be terrible.
Eh, it's better than being dead. Applesauce, oatmeal, pretzels, etc.
Anything's better than being dead. I suppose there are a few things I enjoy besides meat and cheese, but normally I eat meat and/or cheese every day. I haven't had pretzels for years. Don't rmember how they taste. Would probably go really well with grilled cheese.
Pretzels DON'T taste; that's the thing.
There's a reason they're covered in salt.
(Hard pretzels, I find soft ones gross.)

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