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Full Version: Life check
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If you are still here, please post.
I emailed Aaron, and know he is still silently toying with Uberdark.
I just want a head-count, lurkers included.
Still here.

Couldn't just post that I'm here, ya know? Gotta make my posts count. Holy shit I just noticed I've almost posted 300 posts here. Do I get some kind of reward? This is the only forum where I've had more than 10 posts!
You get one internet cookie.

In other news, got my hands on a Leap Motion controller today.
It's very amusing to throw around little ragdoll robots, or interact with a 3D virtual HUD.
The Sword Art Online HUD is something I hope becomes a standard.

Now I need something for head-tracking. Either a VR rig like the Oculus, or just a really good desktop sensor.
I'm leaning more towards getting a Vive instead of an Oculus. I don't like how they're making the Oculus a closed platform.
The only reason I said Oculus vs Vive is that, currently, the latter isn't supported with the Leap Motion controller.

Nintendo better keep up, because what better way to swing a sword than just moving your hands in front of you? I'm sure all the big-named companies are going to catch onto this new way of doing things.
Vive doesn't support it? As far as I know, even if it's not directly supported, you can just attach it with some straps or some duct tape and it works without any issues. Also,

Edit: I perfer actually having something physical with some weight rather than having a camera just track my hands. Ideally I would just have a bunch of differently shaped controllers on my desk in front of me--one for whenever I'm using a gun, one shaped like a sword, a wheel to drive a car, etc. All in one package. Would probably be expensive af though.
Forum has flatlined. Get the paddles.
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