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Full Version: C'mon Aaron, don't leave us hanging!
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He shows up for one post, teases decent looking ground pieces, and just vanishes again. Hopefully we get a new update soon, and/or he fixes new user registration. Seeing as the forum is going quiet again;

What's everyone up to while you wait?

I'm waiting for a power cable from ebay so I can use an old xbox 360 to play Armored Core: Verdict Day, and rebuild my ally UNAC "MFF." (Miserable F'n Failure)
Long story short, a programming error made him the deadliest opponent in online matches, but also made him LOVE getting multikills that include his own team. (One attack - 5 kills - 3 enemy/2 friendly)
I'm doing pretty good. Been on a RPG Maker-made game kick. Been playing some Android games but I'm gonna put a few on hold to make time for the former. Thinking about starting Minecraft again to replicate a Klien bottle (a bottle whose spout, for lack of a better name, goes through it) because I recently came across them on Youtube while browsing for videos on the tesseract and 4th dimension in general. Might play a bit of TUG to see if they had any updates. For those who don't know, TUG is another voxel-based survival and mining game, and it has smooth terrain as well!
Got exams coming up late this month through july.

Current games I'm playing:

Bunny must die!
EDF 4.1
Yugioh! Legacy of the Duelist
Way of the Samurai 4
Sub Rosa
Nobunaga's Ambition SOI
Well, I've been working on raising our first and second little cuties, Lucy and Sammy...


Sammy was born 6 weeks ago. Not trying to make excuses, but my family always comes first.

As for Uberdark -- I've been plodding away with my new and super improved model editor tool. One of my goals for Uberdark has always been to be "commercial quality", which (unfortunately) has been a moving target. Hopefully, this new editor will allow me to build models in such a way as to be 100% USDA Grade A awesome, and to build them quickly.
Status update reads "Still here."
Status means "I accidentally a baby. Twice."

In all seriousness, I'm glad you're popping in every now and again.
Now my user title that I'm sporting for years under my username looks rather awkward..
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