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Full Version: WTH, Aaron?
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Ya came back almost a year ago to say there was progress being made. The last update was years ago. YEARS! For some reason, you've vanished again, yet the domain name is still getting paid for.

I know life can throw unexpected changes, but this is ridiculous.
-Everyone has left. They aren't coming back.
-Nobody remembers this game existed.
-Even if updated now, who'd play it besides me or a couple lurkers?

Please. Either finally take this site down, or prove me wrong and resurrect what could have been. As long as the site is up, I feel I have some duty to be here as the last moderator standing, even if I only visit once in a while.
I would be surprised if he has worked on it at all, I've mostly stopped caring, I keep checking the forum out of habit more than anything else.

But I do think people would start to come back if he began updating it again, how many would depend on the progress and quality I guess.

He hasn't logged in on the forum since may last year, so I'm guessing he's forgotten it exists at this point.
You know guys, I got hypes by this project because Notch mentioned it and now, after all this time, look guys what Notch is making Tongue
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