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Full Version: Forum is ... still up?
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I seriously wonder if Aaron knows he is still paying for hosting. Anyways, the forum still seems to be functioning, so time for another bi-annual forum bump.
-Game not updated
-~1-3 users left

So, in the interim, seeing as this game is basically comatose, I've picked up D&D over on . This time around, I even edited together a profile pic for my dragonborn character "Jack." Original image is from a certain RPG of death.

[Image: jHIUokf.png]

I was originally rolling a straight wizard, but when I rolled for stats, he somehow wound up with +3 to STR, and -1 to INT. It ought to be fun trying to role play a character who is barely smart enough to read his own spellbook.

Anyone else still lurking who would care to share with the class?
Well, there are 2 users right now here hah. I never log in, I just look 2 a month if there is something here and that is it.

I alwas was interested in but I like to sit with people around the table Tongue
I'm still here too.
(07-02-2018 11:29 AM)Gnamra Wrote: [ -> ]I'm still here too.

D&D status update: Of the sessions played, the GM has tried to kill the party off with increasingly strong enemies. In story context, they make sense, but because we're using vanilla 5e XP rules, this has lead to a bizarre arms race where we've started leveling at an absurd rate, forcing him to increase encounter difficulty, which makes us level up even more.

I was just checking to see if I could find anything funny I posted when I was ~13-14, but I'm surprised to actually see a post this new. I hope you have fun playing D&D! I'm working on a Pathfinder campaign to play with some friends, so hopefully that'll be a success.
Long time no see, manadspaniel. I come back every now and again to check up on things. I do my duty, even if this project is more-or-less dead in the water.
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