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Full Version: Sandbox game + winged fox + prntscrn = builds
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Just a couple things I built in A38 today. I'm surprised how much time passed. I wish we had a grass tool...

[Image: UwKIX.png]

It's exactly what it looks like, a giant desklamp. At first I thought it'd be a good way to keep zombis at bay but it ended up making my electric bill skyrocket.

[Image: 11jjC.jpg]

Behold! The ancient ruins of a sand castle. Who knows what mysterious race built it, and when. Did it crumble over time through disuse, was it torn apart by a raging sandstorm, or did some mean kid just come by and kick it down? We may never know.

And yes it looks ruined on purpose, I just didn't know I'd be that effective at it.

Am I the only one that noticed using the cube tool with sand makes something purple?
No, I don't believe there is a texture for block-sand. That'd be your issue.

Nice art though :o Make more!
You "ruined" it with bombs I suppose?
(11-26-2011 02:10 AM)repapermunky Wrote: [ -> ]You "ruined" it with bombs I suppose?

No, I just suck at building. :3
Ohhh, alright haha. Cause you said it look ruined on purpose ^_^
(11-26-2011 11:35 PM)repapermunky Wrote: [ -> ]Ohhh, alright haha. Cause you said it look ruined on purpose ^_^

At first it didn't, but after a while of realizing the land was uneven I thought I'd make a corner look sunken.
X3 I love that sand castle I wanna duck in and defend it.
Bump :3

[Image: kvIYf.png]

[Image: 4I9Ne.png]

BEHOLD! The ancient bridge-like structure of a race long-forgotte- okay I just suck at breaking blocks and it looks really uneven. :V

What would be so wrong with having a pickaxe break ONE BLOCK at a time and not leave a dent? >_<
That would make sense, and we don't want that! (another reason- to minecraft like)
It looks like it came from the spine of an ancient beast.
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