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Full Version: GabbyBob's Videos of Uberdark
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Alright, I've put this off long enough.


A list of points so you know what you'll be talking about.
Fully test run it so you're not fumbling about the whole video clueless.
Enjoy it, be enjoyable.
And talk about Skyrim. Never forget Skyrim.

No but seriously, it depends on what you're going to be doing a video of. If you're reviewing versions, what Thomas said is all you really need. Personally, though, I'd put more of a "this is my first play through?" spin on it. While flat out reviews can be helpful, I'd rather watch something like a MineCraft "surviving the first night" video, ya know?

I don't know how well videos like this will work until there is more content to be progressed through... and Multiplay. Both of those will make those kinds of videos enjoyable.
But I get really annoyed when people look at a game, spend ages trying something, often which can't be done, stumble over ideas and suggestions missing facts and covering nothing useful Undecided

Another good way to go is to collab with another YouTuber, I hear that SabotageTheFool is good ;P
I hear he's gay.

Nah but in all seriousness, collab vids will probably turn out best for anyone, but we need multiplayer for them to make any sense... lol
Yeah I'm not sure how collab will work with this XD

I could edit it XD

I wanna do a sandbox TV ep like VerbalProcessing did, that was a cool idea.
I was scared of my voice too but I just said screw it and look where I am now Smile
i started when i was still going through puberty when i started and i still got tons of views and likes, don't worry
Alright. I hope you guys don't get mad at me, but I didn't quite make it into a 'This is the updates made in Uberdark' video. It's more of a 'Let's Play' where I made a dinosaur. You know, more artsy then technical because I couldn't come up with anything to say because I'm not very tech savvy. D:

I guess I showed off the Building mechanics of Uberdark. But that's about it. Really. making the video and going to upload it soon enough.
*cringes at future wrath of everyone*
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