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Full Version: Rate the Above User's Fame
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Pretty simple just rate how famous the above person is on a scale of 1 to 10.
7-ish also remember to not get raped by "(CtG)Pedo old man" again 'k?
4/10 rawr
Likes me but I don't realy pay any mind to him.
I should pay more mind!
10/10 Because pony

Everypony is famous
1/10 I haz no clue who you are Tongue

Because I'm sick. And you yelled at me to say Hi even after I said Hello. >:-(
9/10 you're epic (feel guilty about giving me that low rating yet?) >Big Grin
Eh, 6/10-ish

Also new rule: Being a brony docs 20 points from your overall score. Angel
4/5 Because I'm not sure how this game works..
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