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Full Version: The Last Post Wins!
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I love table naps, I don't know why but desks are just so inviting and I lay my head onto my arms and zzzzzzzzzzz...
I almost slept on my Computer watching a livestream once. They had sleep music playing and it was getting close for me to go to bed. lol.
Fell asleep at the keyboard? NERD Tongue
I think I've done it too xD Also @ the 360 controller lol. Left4Dead, woke up to spinning in a circle shooting the roof xD
You gotta watch them roofs, one day they'll turn on ya, the walls too 0_o
Better safe than sorry...
[Image: ZaAWL.jpg]
le sigh.
It missed the "your" in "the awkword moment.." it was the wrong you're
I figure one per post is enough. Wink I actually made that graphic, and technically I could fix it... but meh.. lazy.
Damn Idahoians.
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