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Full Version: The Last Post Wins!
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(03-06-2012 11:41 PM)SabotageTheFool Wrote: [ -> ]Pfft, amerirubbish.
I think you mean Americrap.
As long as you have english english and say ALOOMINEEUM you're fine... Aloominum pfft.
Who says, 'Aloominium'? I say it how its spelled. Aluminum.
And that's not proper english.
I pronounce it Aluminium, cause there's an "i" next to the "u" and "m". Now write it down slowly.. Read it out fast. She's got eyes, preposterous eyes. I've never had a lover who's my sister or my brother before. -Biffy Clyro.
(03-08-2012 10:35 AM)manadspaniel Wrote: [ -> ]And that's not proper english.

Well, it's not my fault. My spell check didn't ketch it. ;P
My spellcheck's like Ash, it's gotta catch em all ;D

[Image: yeaaaahdorf.gif]
I pronounce words like aluminium correctly. But I still call them pants and not trousers.

Also, apparently, my spellcheck was set to Australian, G'day.
Ketch. I spelled it, and thought it wasn't a word. But it is. xD Anyway, that's how I say catch.
All you say is "OH CRAP!" I've heard you Tongue
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