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Full Version: The Last Post Wins!
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Sounds like surly sailor tales.
Mmmmm Sea-Salt ^_^
I hate feeling paranoid at 1am after waking from a weird dream >_< Especially when my phone rings a few minutes after and all I can hear through it is a low mumbling. It was my mum trying to call and this phone is dodgy apparently, but still shook me up Confused
Lol... one missed call.
Franz Gutentaag.
If not for the weird dream I wouldn't have been bothered..
If you're really lucky the sleep hormones will leave you stranded. Sometimes they don't clear as fast as we would like when you wake up, and you find limbs completely unresponsive.
You mean sleep paralysis? I probably wouldn't notice if I had that, I tend not to move until I've been awake for at least 15 minutes anyway Tongue Iirc it only lasts for about 10.
My sleep pattern is broken.
Don't worry, I have some oneiric duct tape Tongue
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