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Full Version: The Last Post Wins!
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that makes no sense
It really doesn't.
Not only is it very common for forums to do that, but it DOES make sense. Why would you be able to spam in forum games like "The last post wins" and have those count as legit posts? There's too much that isn't related to anything for it to be fair to count them towards your useful post count...
They're still technically posts though
Needs to be renamed, or at the very least an independent variable.
OT Posts
Well hey, if you wanna rewrite MyBB to support that or direct me to a plugin, I'll see what I can do.

As far as them technically being posts, sure, they are. I just don't think people should receive credit for posts that could potentially be almost entirely useless/spam.
Don't people get banned for spam anyway though?
Give me about a week. We may have a plugin for posts yet!
Of course it shouldn't count o.o You don't even have to think to post here >_<

Also I'm the heftiest poster by quite a margin Tongue
It'd take me 4 posts a day for a YEAR to catch up to you, Sabo,
not to mention that they can't be in this section.
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