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Full Version: The Last Post Wins!
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I literally woke up a 10PM.
Haha, a bit late... But my post meant the exact same thing as yours, I thought it was funny. Tongue
Tongue Tomorrow I'll be waking up at 12am, which is either later or much earlier Big Grin
Exactly what I mean! Big Grin
The term "Earlate" is awesome Tongue Though midnight is still late ;D
I sleep when I feel like it.

I'd play Uberdark more if there were more to do and the music didn't insult my intelligence by reminding me of some annoying kid's show.

I also hate nostalgia. Childhood sucks anyway, you can't have a bank account or drink excessive amounts of coffee.
But.... I like Uberdark Music... D: haha
Guys I have a confession to make...I'm intelligent :O

If you get the references, you're old enough.
That amused me.

Also Kaze if you don't like the music you can delete their files from the folder and they won't play (obv).
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