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Full Version: The Last Post Wins!
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(01-05-2012 02:49 AM)SabotageTheFool Wrote: [ -> ]That amused me.

Also Kaze if you don't like the music you can delete their files from the folder and they won't play (obv).

Why can't we just have more ambient music like Minecraft or more passive and mature music like Terraria? :< If the game is gonna have blood in it I'd assume it's not for kids.
Digimon? Wish we had more of those these days... Also I understand what Kaze is saying, ambience is calming and terraria music is waking... LoUd music is interesting. Of course the graphics aren't very adult now are they?
True, I hardly see this graphical style bringing a bloodbath to our screens... I personally like Brennan's work. Hit the mute button every now and then to produce an atmospheric feel Tongue

I don't think the way this music is wrote that "atmospheric" would work with it, it is what it is, like Terraria music will change on day/night and area that you're in. I'm happy with it. But there's no way all content will please all people.
Digimon Adventure 01 was my favourite cartoon growing up, but I didn't watch the other series until I was too old to enjoy them T_T

I never liked Pokemon much though..

Look what Notch just tweeted It's kind of like a top down LoUd... Kinda.
That graphic style does look a helluva lot like LoUd o.o With Sims elements XD

Looks interesting..
It's much less of a building game than Minecraft or LoUd, more of an RTS, but I'd still play the heck out of it Big Grin

I hate the floaty island terrain though. But it is still in development.
God that game looks awesome ._.
I just looked at the start and those graphics look... LoUd much.
I still really wanna be a tester for it Tongue

Maybe I could be Pope there too XD Moar PR! Big Grin X'D
Cause everyone knows it's Thomas, yeah!
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