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Full Version: The Last Post Wins!
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Well, you're right about it being Sniper with the Brink hood.
And Kaze was right about it being tentacles. Its just not porn. Jeez. xD

ANYWAY... Hm. Yea I forgot what I wanted to say.
Porn would look worse than just massaging his shoulder.
WHAT it was supposed to be was it was supposed to be trying to EAT him. Ok? It was supposed to be a tie in with a fic I was writing... And... Yea.

I'm going to go bury myself. You happy now? You embarrassed me. >:-(
I see what you mean, just the picture doesn't show it all.
Well, that's not the whole picture. Just a close up of Sniper.

It's only the first frame of the pr0n XD

You don't wanna see the next... or maybe you do? o.o -all attention to Manny-
FAO Kazekai:

(02-06-2012 09:32 PM)Kazekai Wrote: [ -> ]I am not calling it a meem, My mom and I have called it a may-may for ages. :l I thought it was a Japanese word.
All of you people are perverts, I don't know why you see tentacle porn all over cause of some squids tentacles trying to devour an aussie.
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