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Full Version: Uberdark Modding: DorfBall
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Well with the way that items are working, you can already slight hacky mod with changing values such as dig radius.. BUT you can also export IQE files from Blender to add new models to the game... DorfBall anyone? Dorf Zombi

Lovely mod, bro. :o
Thanks Tongue
Want a copy? XD

Since then I've made wooden monkeys that fall from trees (that Phil's son loves and do really cool acrobatic tricks) these can also float after you in place of Zombis (which I hated ;_Wink also present in that video are my TNT dynamite sticks in place of bombs. I've also made Nuggets aact somewhat like Sticky Bombs, but that's a lesser work thing lol.
Modding is fun Tongue And I'm getting better at blender XD

[Image: th_OtherMods.jpg]
Other Mods (clickable)
So is Dorfball becoming this game's version of Spleef? Angel

Now if only we could mod pine trees to look more thematically appropriate. Angel /beatingadeadhorse
I'll have a look later lol.
Make a mod?

(12-28-2011 03:05 PM)utahrapter3 Wrote: [ -> ][Image: 405035_140284862750955_100003083278525_1...3782_n.jpg]

Already done.
Lmfao well played Gabbles.
So many parts of this game are almost dangerously open. Big Grin I love it.
We could do a lot of things already :o we could make multiplayer and usernames Big Grin
(02-13-2012 11:59 AM)manadspaniel Wrote: [ -> ]We could do a lot of things already :o we could make multiplayer and usernames Big Grin
Not so sure about that. Networking is complicated so far as I know, and player interactions would need to be implemented (though maybe we could just add BehaveLikeZombi to the player template for that one..)
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