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Full Version: Joys of Modding
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I'm gonna throw any random stuff here I've "modded" and I'll invite anyone to do the same lol.

[Image: lol.jpg]
Blender, right? Hm....
Yup, I have the code up somewhere (IIRC) I can get you it too if you've got an interest lol
I've never had luck with blender... Too much modeling stuff... Nice dirt elephant thing.
Good sir, that is a wooden monkey! They come from chopping trees XD

[Image: banhammerinloud.jpg]

... getting closer to realizing the dream.. lol
Nice progress, Sabo!
I can get a texture to look the same as it does in Blender so as planned but incredibly limited as there's no Seams so a lot of shared space Undecided
Cool... You made your own little banhammer which has "ban" written in blood Big Grin
I'd like to figure out a better way to texture items ;_;

And to make 3D writing on the items lol.
Blender has a 3d text tool.. (Actually I think it's a 2d plane, but you can extrude it.)
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