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Full Version: Ctrl+V Game
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Me being dumb wondering why this doesn't work >_<

I'm home-schooled. Smile A go through a program called K12, works well.
((Its ONLINE Public School... Tongue That's how they advertise it.))

On iPhone, missed the "Open in New Page" button twice >.< lol

er, I dunno where this will lead. But it's probably just PG13 at its worst anyway.
[Image: mobile-phone-texting-autocorrect-autocow...whales.jpg]

(I added the image tags)
Once the third one sank in I was in stitches X'D
"you can believe that people at ccp hq in iceland actually do work on improving eve online slowly but surely or you can believe that they constantly dodge pyroclastic flows while firing ping pong balls out of their ***es!"

Censored for the crowd, something an Eve player said on the forum that I had to share with my Skype group.

Posted this to someone in MSN because Ubisoft can go jump off a cliff for not releasing a Steam version, using discs to play PC games is beneath me, what is this, 1995? Do they think people also use crappy DOS technology to run a game? Who the hell plays PC games on discs anymore besides people with old dinosaur computers that run Win95 and chug on Myst?

Also no online multiplayer? Go die in a fire Ubisoft.

Edit: No, seriously, go die in a fire Ubisoft, this is the only good game you've crapped out in years anyway, not counting the games you only published. And your DRM can go suck off a monkey.
@Kaze I assume they sell them via disc because if they didn't they'd have to give money to Steam/Other Outlets and Rayman is like Ubisofts most original game.

I think this is for News & Announcements so I could add the images.
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