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Full Version: Gabbysaur!! :D RAWR!
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It won't load in game due to too many polys or something

[Image: gabbysaur.jpg]
In that first image, it looks like it has eyelashes...
Do you have eyelashes?
I meant the whole Anime eyelashes. You know, to show it's a chick character?
Of course it's female.. do you see... nvm.
Oh Sabo. lmao.
(02-17-2012 07:27 AM)SabotageTheFool Wrote: [ -> ]Of course it's female.. do you see... nvm.

I have a response to this, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't post it here. Angel
... You are learning padawan.
Who's the padawan... BTW, learn to split the gabbysaur into meshes... if I'm reading this correct, you might be able to do 10k vertexes per mesh.
Into meshes.... then the meshes join how exactly? I've seen that the Pick and Axe have like a Head and Body (then the material can be applied to the head only) and each can be made shiny or dull BUT I have no idea how the hell to make them go together o.o
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