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Full Version: Some little sculptures...
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[Image: odd37.png]
I call this one: Todays art.

[Image: ZLTRS.png]
I call this one: Deity dorf!
It's a Dirty Dorf lol.

I like that one ^_^
Thanks, I was just messing around today Tongue
Not be rude, but do you think you could shrink upthe pictures a bit? I'm using my mom's netbook and the pictures are WAY to big for the screen. Tongue
She has a point actually Tongue I'm running at 1440x900 and it's stretched moar >_< Crop!
I wish we had [simg] tags, or spoilers, that would help tons.
I know, I was thinking of cropping, but was a liiiittle too lazy... I'll work on it tommorow and maybe spruce it up a bit.
Tip: Alt+Printscreen takes shots of just the program window.
Is that true for Vista, also? (I assume he's using Vista.) Windows XP barely has support for screenshots, not natively, it just copies the screen to the clipboard..
Alt+Printscreen has (since XP) screenshotted the window instead of the whole display to the clipboard.
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