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Full Version: Adventures of Ratbin
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hai, so I mentioned in the "welcome" section that I'd be doing a little update thingy about my endeavors in this cute game.

now there is a few things I don't seem to get about the Wiki.. I cant seem to do all the things it says I should be able to do, but I'll leave that for later..

for now I've been trying to level out some ground to build my house on.. heres the skeleton of my home =3
For the wiki if you mean editing you need permission from the likes of iAreNubcake or myself.

If you mean building, check it isn't a different version.
In reference to the wiki, permissions are locked to prevent spamming and unauthorized bots (we've had trouble with this in the past). You must register, and then be approved, in order to edit.
I think the problem is he's probably on the sucky wiki Tongue

That one is fully up to date, but as stated you need to register and be approved.
ah, alright, hehe, I was on this Wiki

as for registering: ah oki.. I did not know =p being new and all.. I'll play around alittle with what I have for now.

but yeah, thanks for the info =3
also, I made a (more or less) in-depth thread about it in the general descusstion, lol.

anyhoo.. heres an update om my house.. putting in walls and roof =3
right, so heres my finished Dirt house =p and since the save function isn't working at the moment this will be the last of it.. next up will be one made of stone, using the Cube blocks =D

see y'all for now =3
D: That actually turned out really bloody well! Big Grin

Wish my buildings ended up looking like that! XD
Building? Who builds, I just dig a hole because I'm lazy! But when the .41 alpha comes out I'll be sure to actually build something with the new cubes mechanic.
XD "I am a Dorf and I'm digging a hole, diggi diggi dig, I'm digging a hole"

but no man.. gotta learn the basics of building so when new stuffs come you'll have a head start in "knowing" ...and knowing is half the battle!

[Image: g+i+joe.jpg]

I must take the time to learn to build nicely Tongue
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