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Full Version: My project-thing-a-majiggy.
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[Image: Jj1mul.jpg]
Above image is a clicky. Wink Don't ask me why there is a white space under it.

A project i'm starting again to see how it looks in uberdark. If you want to know what it will be, the picture is in the minecraft thread.

There is one thing holding me back from completing it. Being unable to keep a flat surface because I muck up one block and the whole thing gets screwed. I really need a tool that will get rid of a square similar to the square block placement we have now.
That's looking awesome D:
I am using the minibreaker mod. You can remove really small area in quite precise way.

I tend to remove more, so when I'm refilling, the surface is much smoother.
(nice dropping in of my mod ;p feedback on the thread would be awesome)

Not quite able to break as people would like.. But it's something! Lol
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