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Full Version: My little fortress [big image inserted].
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OMG... this took sooo much time >_>, but here it is. My little mining output.

Tower was the hardest part, to make it so You can move inside, without extra messy rubble. And had to enable distance render to 100, good thing my laptop didn't explode D:

I think about uploading my world but it has, like, 20mb...

[Image: kp7r4.png]
.......... D:

If that's legit that's the most incredible thing I've ever seen and you are a credit to the forums.

Vids or didn't happen Tongue
Would love a tour video.
That would be AWESOME! I would download that no problem, and then make my own!
I CAN'T actually create something non legit 0_o. I can't do anything code-related, unless it's html...

But I would like to make something with some editor/map tools, just to show what kind of structures can be made with Uberdark engine, for promotional purpose. Like great mines, or cities, or cathedral.

I don't think my poor laptop (well, not so poor, but still, a laptop) could handle max rendering uberdark AND fraps. But I would like to update my world for some server, so anybody can explore and add other things.
Can you zip your worldfolder and share it? Some people on here are pretty good with Fraps, and if you're willing to share your creation, I'm sure they'd be honored to add video.
Also, impressive achievement, considering there's no 'sneak'... although we're better at letting you place over the edge than Mojcraft.
Uploading to Rapidshare. I had dropbox acc but I'm too lazy to reinstall software Tongue

Here it is. Rought on the edges, like, I could work on the trenches and arrange in a fancy way underground resource deposit, but I think it should be OK as it is now.
I'm uploading a short clip of your castle, I'm sure it won't do justice, feel free to have me take it down if you don't like it.
I'll probably do something with it. Think it would take a nice proud place in the release video I've still not made xD < my video of it. Just a simple walk-around. Had too much noise in the house to do a voice-over. I submitted it as a response to the 0.42 release video, too. We'll see if that goes through or not.

It already has 3 views (none of which being me), surprisingly. I also made sure to put links in the description for all the major online presences of the game, including the forum. ZiggyPox, if you want any additional recognition in the description, please let me know.
Nah, it's fine at it is Tongue. Looking at this video and how You navigate in there made me thing about some other ideas.

For the new version I could make better fort, place some objects to interact with, build it around or near some trees for lumbering, some bridne to finish, some holes to fill, some walls to bomb just to show some of possibilities and mechanic of game.

I am also more aware of blocks geometry and how it changes in coleration with another block, how game is auto-filling some spaces (eg. bulding 5 block wide/high wall You can cut the work by placing just 3 rows of block) and how big should be corridor for comfortable movement.

But sometimes placing blocks is just chore because of how many of them we need to make simple wall. I wish there was easier way, like bigger brushes or some preset of shape that I can edit and then use again.
Like this fancy crenellation. I would create brush in shape of one merlon, meaby even smooth it on the top to make little arch, and then just place it over again. I wouldn't call it "less legit" as I have to create and arrange this shape, but in this way placing objects like stairs, walls and dorways is just more reasonable.
Meaby it wouldn't be avaible at the start, meaby it would require engeeners worktable/workspace.

Hmm.. I should make new idea and/or suggestion topic about that.
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