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Full Version: SabotageTheFool's Newest Video
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And I want YOU!

Please post any ideas here about what I should cover more. I want to cover modablity anyway and I know crafting needs to be covered for sure.

But c'mon people any more ideas? Should I interview Phil? Tongue

I've been putting this off long enough XD
Hmm, meaby waiting for next update would be a good idea?

Right now there is little to show. There is working base, true, but we need more "entertainment", fancy stuff.

BUT right now You would need nice map to show these things, like some construction half finished where the people can watch as You build with blocks and blobs. Many things were allready covered in other videos so the question is: should be about update or about ALL features of game, as one big promo?
I'll go steal that awesome map Tongue
I actually was thinking about making new one, especially for that purpose. Some parts to build, some to destroy, some to blast and some to lumber.
Well how far along are you? I could make it a separate feature a stand alone vid Big Grin

I love your work man ^_^
I have some WIP here, the "orphan rock" fortress.

I need to:
finish interior, add basement, finish walls, add SECOND level and then, from the second level, bridge that will connect to the keep on the other, TALLER rock. Yeah.. it won't be finished any time soon...
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