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Full Version: Roll To Dodge: The Beggining
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Roll to Dodge (Original concept and rules by Mouse) is a turn-based role-playing game where your actions' success probabilities are determined with a dice.

Every turn consist of the rollers (players) posting their actions. I then post the result.

Your actions' success probabilities are determined with a dice. The success layout works like this:

6. Super success
5. Good success
4. Average success
3. Barely success
2. Fail
1. Super fail

Your success probability is also effected by certain conditions you have. For example, if your action is "Eat cake" and you have a condition that says "Missing Teeth", that may cause some problems for you.

Another thing to keep in mind, doing impossible (what is "impossible" depends on theme) things usually tend to completely fail. Like, creating a magic sword out of thin air.

Simple actions, such as walking and talking, aren't influenced by the dice roll. You can have a simple and a major action in the same turn.

Turn-posting format:

> Walk to John and punch him.

"Take that sucker!"

Note how actions are bold and underlined, while speech is in quotes and not underlined. The "punch" action will be affected by the roll, while 'Take that sucker!' and "Walk to John" will not.

In the game, you have limited space in your inventory and a limit on how many things you can wear. If you have some sort of bag equipped, you can use it to expand your storage space. Remember: Inventory is for 'used' or 'held' items, like swords and books, and Equipped is for clothing/armor.

Abilities let you do things you normally can't do, or they boost your performance somehow. If you had the ability "Photosynthesis," you would regenerate health in the sun. Active abilites are abilites that you can conrol, while passive are automatic. You gain abilities through experiences, reading a book, or learning from someone else.


Theme/Setting : Medieval/Fantasy, with magic and dwarves and the like.


Current Players:
1. Sabo (SabotageTheFool)
2. powerofwar (powerofwar)
3. MT Phobe (Gabbybob)
4. Benguin (Ben)
5. Sigismund (ZiggyPox)

Dead Players:


Missing player:
1. A'Khul (jacksont200)


Waiting List:


Sign-up form:

Name : <character name>
Race : ( you can make your own if you wish!)
Description: (what you Look like, your history (if you want anyway.) ECT...)
Inventory : (0/10)

Equipped : (0/10)

Active Abilities :

Passive Abilities :

Conditions :

-- You are allowed a single item in your inventory and equipped when you start, and a single ability --

"Note how actions are bold and underlined,"

... No they aren't o.o


Name : Sabo
Race : Dark Elf
Description: A dark elf magic thief, trained in stealth, magic and the short blade.
Medium length messy hair with a purple tint to it, dark blue skin with intense red eyes.
Inventory : (1/10)
Ceremonial Dagger - Originally used in Blood Magic rituals, a sharp magical metal blade.

Equipped : (1/10)
Magus Staff - Channels magic from my body, tough enough to defend me physically if needed.

Active Abilities : Magic Missile - An arcane missile with no elemental alliance.

Passive Abilities :

Conditions :

Name : MT Phobe
Race : Human
Description: (Not very good with descriptions, I'll think of something later)
Inventory : (1/10)
-Battle axe

Equipped : (1/10)
-Leather hat

Active Abilities : Can run on water

Passive Abilities :

Conditions :

Name : Benguin

Race : Penguin

Description : I'm deceivingly strong, though short. I grew up sliding down snow mountains in the south, but grew tired of the cold and left in search of adventure and maybe fame or money. My alignment is chaotic/chaotic (I can neither confirm or deny that I'm either good or evil at any given moment in time.)

Inventory : (2/10)
Fish (4)
Bread (2)

Equipped : Greatsword

Active Abilities : Can cast spells, though mostly they are limited to doing things like setting the blade of my sword on fire, or driving lightning down the blade.

Passive Abilities : +1 to dramatic effect. Can swim and stay submerged in water for semi-extended periods of time (about half an hour.) Can slide down snowy or (reluctantly) muddy terrain with swiftness.

Conditions : Short: Can't reach the top shelf of cereal :'C
Name : powerofwar
Race : Semi-Human
Description: Medium height with large eyes and pointed ears. Weathered clothes and a few scars.
Age : 12 Big Grin
Inventory : (0/10)

Equipped : (1/10) Iron Sledgehammer

Active Abilities : Can change into a cat-like thing, extreme sense of balance and hearing.

Passive Abilities : Nine lives. EDIT Not got Nine Lives.

Conditions : Randomly changes into a cat from time to time.
(04-26-2012 09:18 PM)SabotageTheFool Wrote: [ -> ]"Note how actions are bold and underlined,"

... No they aren't o.o

Haha, copied that from another forum, forgot to read that part! XD nice catch, added to the list, now to wait for others!
Jack wants to play...
Name: Ryukotsuki
Race:Bone Demon
Description:20 foot tall creature from hell. Starred in a video game from the 80's. Weak spot is its heart, according to its 8-bit counterpart. The ones who create him in a form of un-8-bit-ness or text must be really unoriginal. He appears first as a small man who shoots small fireballs. Second as a samurai, third as a bone demon.
Inventory (1/10): Magical remains of the Fuma brothers: No use except for light bludgeoning, or using the remains of their pulse blades.
Equipped (1/10): Arm of Ryukotsuki: Long arm made of skulls of the damned, protects the heart of the demon.
Active abilities: Fireballs- Ryukotsuki can summon fireballs from his throat.
Passive abilities: Indestructible bones, extremely vulnerable, but hard to hit heart.
^This is valid?
Yea-no... It kinda would be hard for you to do anything, being a 20 foot tall skeleton, everyone would attack on sight and you would probably die quickly. (besides that, I probably would not let this happen...)
Lemme think

Name: A'Khul
Race: Undead
Description: Ancient lich, 6'10, brought back to life on the last decade by a cult which mysteriously disappeared 3 years ago Wears robes, and a simple crown flowing with dark energy. Searches for his Scythe lost years ago.
Inventory (1/10): Chaos dust-Crushed remains of the heart of a 20 foot tall demon. Washes flesh of the bone, and cleans the remains. I was not raised to be a dirty boy.
Equipped (1/10): Scythe- Weak scythe given to A'Khul when he was resurrected. Possesses dark power, albeit somewhat pathetic.
Active abilities:Raise dead.
Passive abilities: Cannot be poisoned. (undead)
Yes, but keep in mind the chaos dust will probably be limited uses, and you can only have one ability. So chose your active or passive to keep. One other thing: "searches for his Scythe" than you say "Equipped (1/10) Scythe" ?
Searches for the scythe he lost years ago, a much more powerful one than the one he was given at resurrection, jeez Tongue
Okay, drop the poison resistance, chaos dust has 2 uses?
The IRC is a MUCH beter place for this, more realtime while still being turn based, I did a DnD kind of thing with some IRC friends a while back and that turned out pretty well Big Grin
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