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Full Version: Project Update #35: A Little News
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Aaron Bishop Wrote:Hey everybody! Apologies for not posting any updates recently, but between getting married and buying a house, haven't had much time to roll into the project. We're settling in nicely now, and I think Uberdark will start seeing progress again soon...
I'm ready
Married? House? And I was WORRIED here lol
Wooooo let the devepment begin Tongue....but ma my mods will break Sad
Well, as long as Aaron doesn't do something crazy like have kids anytime soon, the game will still live. Tongue

No I will not let that go. >:L
Well I bothered download the newest update.. It's nice with the crafting, but I'm not quite sure what "ore:0" is, in the torch recipe.

Edit: Also, sprinting! Weeeeee! (Oh, I'm hyper.. Stupid brain putting it out in my writing.)
Hmmm, what ore would you expect to be on a torch........ Tongue

(Isn't it coal?!)
It's a log and nugget:0 on top of each other.

nugget:0 is coal Big Grin

(I tested this, it works Tongue)
Which colour is coal?
It's a dull black, iron is a shiny black (then it's silver in your inventory). But it says it's name when in there anyway.
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