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Full Version: Malikoy's Let's Play Series!
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Hello everybody! I'm new to this but I already got started with a let's play series:

Check it out, I will update with more part constantly Big Grin
There is not really much to put into a lets play - there actually isn't much of anything yet. So far the only thing to do with the game is make mods for it.
I was wondering what you could actually do in a "Let's Play" for a game that hasn't much to "play" Tongue
I'll check it out later and give the usual breakdown ;D
I know, it is kinda a challenge Sabotage XD
But I'm taking it anyway, and btw I saw your inputs in other threads, love it.
And I'd love your inputs on this and my future vids!
Try to incorporate mods, if you can/want to to give it more content.
... Why have you got a really old version?
For shame, only 20 seconds before you mentioned Minecraft lol.
Your mic sounds very muffled.
You're a tad obsessed with his "buttocks"... lol
How did you turn LoUd into a game about domestic violence? XD
I lol'd at the son grabbing boob XD
Definitely needs work lol.

But my main issue is why the old version? o.o
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