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Full Version: Not to be taken as a factual statement
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This is a forum game where you say some that is for a lack of better words is BS
Verzion test their new phones on the homeless
do not be afaird to get wierd
So in concept, this game is meant to become a conversation that is a bunch of ridiculous statements?

And yes, I knew that homeless people test Verizon phones. The one who lives next to my mailbox told me.
Realy? I heard that you can mix chlorine and bleach to make pure magic...
The reason gangsters wear their pants so low is the fact that they are realy just too short people on top of eachother
No, I tried that once... all I got were a bunch of walruses flying out of the bucket I used to mix it.
Well If you increase power to the plasma nodes then the field of Trolol will Increase the yogurt power
Not too keen on this game Undecided Though made me rethink; Do homeless people get Knock Knock jokes?
Aww, that's so sad. D:

I just went and bought that hobo 12 doors so he'll never be confused.
Theres a floating tie in my room...
I am homeless, and I love knock knock jokes! Of course, homeless people don't knock on doors. We knock on each other's noggins with a rusty spood! I mean SPOON! BON-DIGITY!
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