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Full Version: CPU changed, FPS help
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I'm going to be upgrading from a 3.2Ghz single-core processor to a 2.8 dual-core processor soon, and was wondering if this game can take advantage of having two cores yet.

I'm currently running a Dell Optiplex gx280, 512mb ram, and a 256mb ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro.
Doubt that this game has multi-core support, most games don't. But it will still help as the fact that the game can be an a separate core to everything else. You might want to go quad core if you willing to spend a tiny bit more as dual cores are a bit out of date.
Unfortunately, the gx280 only supports up to a core 2 duo. I would go quad core, but that would require that I buy a new motherboard too.

Thanks for the help!
If I recall correctly, one of the Devs mentioned that multi-threading was sort of in the code already, but was not active... that may be a different game though. I'll check that.
Should improve my performance, actually. Found a dual-core at 3.2Ghz, so all that changes is my # of cores. If I allow Uberdark to run on it's own core, BY ITSELF, I should see higher FPS.
Dual and quad cores are silly. They should focus on making much stronger single core processors.

So my dwarf fortress will run faster lol.
If you mean the actual game, "Dwarf Fortress," that doesn't even need 1ghz. If you mean a large scale building in LoUD, then yes, we need bigger single-cores.
Actual game, "Dwarf fortress", and BELIEVE me, at some point you WILL need more than 1ghz at some point of the game well, If You like your population to grow, that is.
My little continent of Moira in DF has a fairly large population, but it now occurs to me that I haven't played with any of that in a LONG time. I usually just stage battles in the item test mode.

1784 Dwarves, and still growing! (I leave it running in the background, they're self-sufficient!)
Wow, respect. I'm too much into micro managment, You know... there is just always something to make, something to build, to add to the fortress. And I need to WATCH them how they build. And while game is running at 2fps it just makes me mad.
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