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Full Version: Big problem
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my problem is quite simple , when I open the "exe." file, the game apear for just 0.00001 sec...Huh

I am on windows 8 x64bit

i think the game do not work on Window8 Sad
Yeah, if I had to take a guess I would say that some library that the game uses isn't properly compatible with W8 yet... is there any sort of compatibility mode? If so, have you tried it?

The only other fix I can suggest is to use a W7 computer... I will make sure Aaron is told about this, though.
Yes , i tried whit the compatibility mode but it change nothing...
I reinstall Windows 7 ,windows 8 causes me too many problemsUndecided
Try to fix it !
Aaaaah... It's because it's by Microsoft, you see.
Refer to the above post.

In all honesty, though, Windows 8 is not the best platform to game on at the moment... the libraries and such that games use don't get updated instantaneously upon the release of a new OS. It'll probably take a bit before things are properly compatible across the board, and there isn't much Aaron could do about that.
I wouldn't touch 8 with a barge pole atm Undecided

I love that this guy's making the Zombi emote ^_^ Really happy with how it turned out Big Grin

What happened the other new ones made? ;_;
Further to that... we need a Goblin emote..
I even uninstalled Windows 8 to put window 7!....... but it still not work Dodgy, the game must just be incompatible with my computer Angry
maybe i have to download something like direct x,C++ java or something like that?
I found where the problem came from!
I had not installed the driver of my Ati graphics card !
I removed Windows 8 for that Sad

At least this topic will serve to all those who are going to have the same problem
That is assuming that you didn't have the graphics driver with Win8. If you bought the computer with Win8 on it, it probably had some driver on it, albeit probably not the latest one.
I do not know about you but I'm on Windows 8 game works fine
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