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Full Version: A wild menu appears! (status update)
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woho, my internet connection is back! And what we have here.. a menu feature. I like how this is looking. As the backgrounf blurred and darkened game-screen should work well. So you know what is happening AND if you twiddle with graphics options, you can see effects without going back and forth from menu just to adjust brightness.
Well I'm not 100% sure how all of the graphics stuff works just yet. I've never really messed with OGL, so I'll have to figure it out (as well as the graphics code) before that part of it will be done.
At this rate, this community should come back to life. Also nice to know that an update may come moderately soon. Big Grin
Well the update will most likely come when Aaron is done with the terrain stuff to a point where you can see significant improvement. The meny is nearly done except for the options part, which I'll have to ask Aaron about...
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