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Full Version: A wild menu appears! (status update)
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It's not finalized (or even fully functional) just yet, but here's a preview.

Enjoy! Lemme know what you guys think so I can make sure your suggestions and such are taken into account before this rolls out.

Also, I'll probably do another little video once I've got the inventory stuff working too and I will show off the completed menu then. As stated in the video, this menu is just showing the general idea - it isn't finished. Tongue
The menu is rather cool, you could always add an image or a little 3d scene in the background at a later date to improve it. It's great to see progress being made!
Finally something concrete!
Actually, as I said in the comment section of the video, I have polished it up a LITTLE more... I did throw the title splash art at the top of the menu as well as make the pause menu. At this point, I just need to fix up the New/Load World stuff since I cut a few corners in the video To make it all easier to show off. Tongue After that, I just need to do the options menu and it'll done done for now. Big Grin

Also, I'd like to say one other thing about Aaron Bishop... I know a lot of the work that he's been doing hasn't been quite to visible to the naked eye, but trust me, guys, without him doing what he has been, the game wouldn't be able to make any progress in the future. Plus, once he gets all of the back-end stuff complete, We'll be able to focus almost purely on content-related stuff, so be a little patient for now. I'm trying to do what I can to make sure stuff you guys like makes it into releases while he finishes work on the less visible stuff. Tongue

Honestly though, these terrain changes are probably going to make the game look and run a fair bit better, so I think it's worth the wait. Tongue
I assume so; minecraft went through the same process a couple of times; additionally in a game like uberdark the world is the main component of the game. On the topic of the menu again before I derail the thread, it's nice, easy to read and adds quite a bit of polish to the game.
Well thank you! Is there anything else you guys are looking to see in the main/pause menus? Main menu is as it is in the vid (just looks a little different/better) and the pause menu has resume, options, and Exit (which saves also)
I hope that there will be gfx options for things like brightness. Also, it should have its own EPIC music loop.
Well the music isn't too important imo for an options menu, but gfx options may be doable. I haven't been looking at the graphics stuff too much, but I'll see what there is to play with.
My only guess would be an in built texture pack area. Other than that it will come down to what appears in the game.
Well, the simplest for a gfx menu would be an option for fullscreen and to change the resolution.
As far as my last post, I meant a music loop for the main menu in general, not just options! XD
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