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Full Version: Podcasts?
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I listen to a bunch of different podcast and don't really listen to just one genre. I just wanted to see if anyone on here likes podcasts or hates them. If so explain and say why along with any good ones you can suggest to people.

I listen to podcast mainly during video games and going to school/walking around. Some of my many podcast I listen to are:
  • Rebel FM
  • The Gamespy Debreifings
  • The Geekbox
  • Podcast Beyond
  • Game Scoop
  • Podtoid
  • A Life Well Wasted
As you already know, I don't watch podcasts really. o.o
Who watches podcasts ever? Tongue

You didn't mention Never Ending Podcast, it has quite the following Tongue
No one watches podcasts thats what vodcasts are for anyways. Yes how could I forget my very own podcast The Neverending Podcast that stars me, iAreNubcake, MintySweet, Kendall and Toby. You can find out more info on it at my and be sure to join our Faceboook Group here!/groups/202154693184257/
Well, I'm roughly new to podcasts. My first one being about a year ago when I first heard it.

I listen to: Kritzkast, Steamcast, THUD, Asemble, and Control Point. KK and CP are podcasts about TF2, so they have basically the same information, but there is a difference in a UK TF2 Podcast and a US TF2 podcast. THUD is a Minecraft podkast and Asemble is a Portal podkast. Both which are relatively new.

Oh, and I forgot Never Ending Podcast. Smile Oh and Work in Progress, which is also a new one. I usually listen to them when I play Minecraft and Terraria. I used to listen to Bonus EXP and 2 girls 1 game, but Bexp stopped being interesting and 2g1g kinda stopped podcasting. Last one was in October '10.
I'll go ahead and admit I don't listen to any Undecided
as long as you listen to the neverending podcast your fine by me
Never heard of it... Tongue

Must catch up with that >_<
They're too damn long XD
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