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C'mon Aaron, don't leave us hanging!
04-28-2017, 11:08 AM
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C'mon Aaron, don't leave us hanging!
He shows up for one post, teases decent looking ground pieces, and just vanishes again. Hopefully we get a new update soon, and/or he fixes new user registration. Seeing as the forum is going quiet again;

What's everyone up to while you wait?

I'm waiting for a power cable from ebay so I can use an old xbox 360 to play Armored Core: Verdict Day, and rebuild my ally UNAC "MFF." (Miserable F'n Failure)
Long story short, a programming error made him the deadliest opponent in online matches, but also made him LOVE getting multikills that include his own team. (One attack - 5 kills - 3 enemy/2 friendly)

Forever vigilent.
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C'mon Aaron, don't leave us hanging! - durdur - 04-28-2017 11:08 AM

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