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pry bar and blocks after-adjust
06-22-2015, 07:48 PM
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pry bar and blocks after-adjust
I thought to start separate thread for my full opinion for that after-adjust feature, with pry bars or anything similar.
Just because I but more thought for it.
And dont want to flood the "Progress-O-Meter Alpha 0.53" thred, with my long answers Smile

Aaron already had thought off that at some point.
"I did think of putting a pry bar type object in to do basically what you're suggesting, Jupelius -
- to adjust blocks after they had been placed. But one of the goals of this game is to have multiplayer, team-based forts -
- and I thought that would make gaining entrance too easy. Though I guess it could be done by having the pry bar only able to affect certain blocks..."

So maybe if we can think of enough potential and balance from that feature, perhaps Aaron would implement it altogether?

I think it would give much versatile to playability. Ofcourse good balance should be there.
But who would play with pry bar for every situation. If you have bombs and wants to attack its obvious what you use Tongue

Reason why i favor for this feature, is not because breaking doors would be unique idea, its not!
Its because many games have it only scripted down. And that limits break in, to on/off based skill.
But this whole engine is already physically capable supporting that.
(as you can notice, in new version bombs can push blocks and make some even rolling down)

Its a whole new territory for gameplay tactics.

If not thinking obvious, doors, windows and things.
If you think prison movies, where they would patiently remove brick from wall.
This way one secret assault without warning bomb sounds, makes you wonder where those hidden pathways are.

Think, that everytime a enemy comes from corner and fights with swords.
After twentieth time, they just starts to come behind you, and you are totally amazed. How that can be?
In the total mayhem you would have seen someone pulling a block for a short period of time.

Well, its just happens, that everytime new enemy player attacked,
they all did pull the same tile for couple of seconds.
So after a while, one not so well seen spot from main hall, is pulled out and secred passage has been formed.

If you could make engine support "custom" fortress/flag rules, that would state who can adjust, remove or explode objects.

Then you could mark, that defencing team can always freely remove and adjust blocks inside own territory.

Offensive team instead could only adjust blocks at slow rate, and could not remove things by hands.
(as taking resources, it would need dismantled properly, and that's not option on enemy ground.
Excluding explosions ofcourse, as sometimes you might get lucky among all shred!)

This could work with singleplayer too... with ownership artifacts!

If you Aaron are in any mean intend to bring back this feature,
I would still keep an eye of singleplayer too, when balancing the feature.
Especially if you are planning to make any premade buildings generated in the world?

Contrary for pointless treasures, make "ownership" flagged items inside houses with proper protect radius.
Now you would always first need to raid/rob the buildings from these kind of items by proper robbery.

Every buildings would be first protected for any dismantling.
You could demolice with explodes, if you do not care to take shelter there.
Or just play burglar and slowly wiggle bricks, doors or windows to get in.

And then you would get the "rights" to dismantle blocks (as it would also compensate the unrealistic fast building and dismantling,
by twisting your sense of time, to make more believable experience). If you catch what i mean? Smile

These Ownership Artifacts should also be many type of decorations.
Then in multiplayer, you could protect your castle by decorating it,
with dozens of artifacts in height places and everything.
Decorated flags, shields, armors, and all of those kind of things.

Also after that... These "stolen" ownership artifacts would became your property!
They would give "caution" to player "character", and so these artifacts presence would "automatically lock your doors" after you?

And without those artifacts, monsters could walk inside your house,
I mean, who beleaves that zombies with those randomly grabbing hands couldn't get in Wink

And all this, just that you would need to decorate to get the feel of home, what you then protect! Smile
And you could "craft" yourself a "ownership artifacts", or just stole those everywhere.

Even cooperative multiplayer could work!
Even better if game would be mixing multiplayer with singleplayer?

You could do shared blueprints, that users could exchange (but bigger range than normal).
((ofcourse depending on, what the actual blueprints will be in game, anyway))

And if you would use those "friends blueprints" a foreign dwarf would come to build it,
and attack you if you would interrupting anyway Wink
Then all the foreign artifacts inside building would prevent you from entering.
Or the foreing dwarf would even inhabitant the house to your inconvenient.

You could make, that the "friends blueprints" would actually contain your friends real ownership,
that if that player would ever decide to visit your map, it would have the ownership of all the houses, that have that friends artifacts Smile

This way people could share their castles and buildings, and you could even try to seige them at singleplayer game.
Or just make a town with friends buildings and leave the dwarfs to live there.

If player could customise the dwarf, (or is it a dorf...) it would be handy,
if "friends blueprints" would also contain the appearance of friends dwarf.

This way you could better invite your friend to your world, by positioning his/hers buildings first Smile

-Now im going to bed, and don't overthink this pointlessly, as i dont know how good these ideas would meet, with the direction of this game.
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